Are You an Effective Servant?

Mark 3

In this chapter, Jesus is under extreme pressure; it was coming from the sick and demonized. Verse 10 clearly identifies the pressure He was under. The ill, the feverish, and the crippled were pushing and grabbing at Him; the possessed were screaming at Him, the self-righteous Pharisees were watching His every move, waiting for their chance to accuse Him.

We also face pressure in life. It might be the pressure of unsolved problems, financial burdens, or the pressure to excel. Are you handling pressures the right way? Are you overcome with frequent tears? Do you have trouble concentrating? Do experience irritability, insomnia, low activity, loneliness, or perhaps, over-eating? These are all danger signs of handling pressure the wrong way. However, you're not alone, and there is hope. I'm going to share a few principles that will help.

First, just like Jesus, effective servants of the Lord know their priorities. Our Lord's primary motivation at the time was to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. Physical healing was only secondary. However, the people wanted to see and experience healing miracles. Jesus allowed nothing, not even popularity and success to divert Him from His primary ministry. Sadly, it's not always that way for us. Jesus knows the pressures of trying to help others. People from everywhere were demanding His attention. Just like Jesus, sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is say "no."

Second, effective servants of the Lord take time for themselves. This is called solitude. Jesus often got away by Himself. These times are essential to our overall well-being. We need silence. The pressures of life demand that we need solitude. It is important to note that Jesus did not just get away, but He got away to pray. We also, to replenish our system, must get away for the purpose of prayer.

Third, effective servants of the Lord enlist others to help. While on the mountain, Jesus appointed others to help carry out His mission. He gave them authority to preach and cast out demons. This group of men came from a variety of different backgrounds. But they came together for the greater purpose of the mission. Likewise, we must be willing to enlist the help of others.

Pressure, if not dealt with biblically can lead to long-term stress and stress is the predecessor to depression. How are you dealing with the pressure in your life?

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