Big Heart=Big Impact

Mark 1:14-45

One time while preparing for a sermon, I posted a question to friends on Facebook: "what makes it hard for you to serve other people?" Here a few of the answers I received: "I admit, serving is hard when it doesn't fit into my schedule or plan. Like when I want to go for a walk, to the gym, or just relax at home." "It is hard to serve when the needs seem endless, and there are only so many hours in the day." "There is such limited energy left after a demanding workday. How do you balance the need for rest, self-care, and serving others?" Perhaps, my favorite answer was this one: "What makes it hard to serve others? Others."

It always helps to look at the big heart of Jesus. When Jesus came to Galilee, He was preaching the gospel of God. Traveling from town to town, from synagogue to synagogue, and across the countryside. He was focused on serving others. His big heart is also observed in the individuals He called. Jesus went by the sea, bidding common laborers and fishermen to follow Him on His mission. Furthermore, the big heart of Jesus was seen in the people He healed. The healings really reflect the compassion of the Savior for those in need. In fact, so great was His love for the needy that the He ministered to great crowds of people. It appears that Jesus was a servant to all. Even when He grew tired He did not send people away, He saw them as sheep without a shepherd and had compassion on them.

Christ came, and the world was changed in just a very short time. As His disciples followed Him, their hearts were also expanded. Like His, their big hearts transpired into big impact. What a privilege it is to follow in the steps of Jesus and meet the needs of others by being one of God's big-hearted servants. Remember, they changed the world by helping one person at a time and so could you.

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