Blessed Are The Meek

Matthew 5:5

You will see that this Beatitude also flies in the face of our world’s philosophy. The world believes that the more self-assurance and aggressiveness you have the better off you will be. They make statements like, “If you want something, you have to take it.” This is in contradiction to the teachings of Christ.

The Meaning of the Verse

“Gentle” is from the Greek word prahooce, which basically means mild or soft. The term was used sometimes to describe a medicine or a soft breeze. It was also used of colts and other animals whose naturally wild spirits were broken by a trainer so that they could be useful for work

Literally, it means, “to put under control.” Thus, those who have been changed by the grace of God give us evidence of this truth by living under His control. They are submissive to Him. However, meekness does not mean weakness. Rather it means, strength under control.

The Manifestation of the Verse

Being poor in spirit causes one to turn away from ourselves in mourning, and meekness causes us to turn toward God in seeking His righteousness. This kind of meekness is seen in the apostle Paul’s radical transformation that took place on the road to Damascus. A man who was on the way to throw Christians in prison is made aware of his sinfulness by the Lord and thus turns to meekly pursuing the righteousness of the Christ.

This meekness is also seen in the Old Testament in Moses. “Moses was very meek, more than all men that were on the face of the earth” (Num. 12:3). His meekness was shown in his acceptance of what God ordained, including endless battles with those rebellious and disappointing people whom he was trying to lead into the promised land. His meekness even extended into the acceptance of not being able to enter the promised land himself. This was certainly an enormous disappointment, yet Moses was content to be in the will of God.

The Majesty of the Verse

God gave man dominion over the whole earth (Gen. 1:28). The subjects of His kingdom are going to come someday into that promises inheritance, that was lost and perverted after the fall. One day God will completely reclaim His earthly domain, and those who have become His children through faith in His Son will rule that domain with Him. The word “inherit” refers to the receiving of one’s allotted portion, one’s rightful inheritance.

The majesty of this verse is found in the fact that those who are meek and do not brashly go after whatever they want in this world, will, in fact, inherit the world in the Lord’s timing.


While the world will tell you, “carve out your own little kingdom now,” God is telling you, “meekly be about my Kingdom now, and you will receive your portion of all of creation for all of eternity.”

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