Evaluate Your Service

Mark 4:1-20

In the preceding verses, we see large crowds of people growing daily. Therefore, we find Jesus requesting the disciples to provide a boat so that he might go out and teach from the Sea of Galilee. He also asks them to “stand ready for Him because of the multitudes, in order that they might not crowd Him” (3:9). Jesus has been teaching the “Mystery of the Kingdom,” which basically consisted of four parts:

  1. Jesus would be rejected as Israel’s King.
  2. A period of time would intervene before the kingdom would be literally set up on earth.
  3. During the interim, the kingdom would exist in spiritual form.
  4. The Word of God would be sown during the interim period with varying degrees of success. Some people would actually be converted, but others would be nominal believers.

The context seems to indicate that the sower represents Jesus specifically, but also anyone who proclaims the Word of God. The seed represents the Word of God. The wayside and the different soils represent the hearts of those who receive the Word.

With that in mind, let’s look at the different types of hearts and how they apply to truly being a servant. First, we have the wayside. This is the heart that is indifferent to God’s Word. The Word is spread like a seed, but this stony heart is completely unreceptive.

Second, we have the soil with rock. This is the shallow heart that is emotional to the Word but with no depth of commitment.

Third is the soil with thorns. This is the strangled heart. This person is concerned with God’s Word, but is ultimately double-minded and wants things his or her way.

Finally, we have the good soil. This is the heart that truly receives God’s Word and cherishes it. This person wants things God’s way. He or she is a true servant of God.

So how does this truth found in the parable of the soils apply to serving? Christian must be reminded that to be good soil is to produce fruit. Every Christian ought to be displaying fruit, and thus desiring to serve God’s way. On that note, we need to be always aware of the soil characteristics we are exhibiting in our life. Even as good soil, we can act indifferent to God’s Word, uncommitted to God’s word, and double-minded about God’s Word.  The Christian should desire to receive the Word of God, and thus serve God’s way.

Christian if in your evaluation of your service to the Lord you see that you are indifferent about the Word, uncommitted to the Word, or double-minded about the Word, then repent and ask the Lord to restore you to a right relationship in which you are displaying fruit and truly serving Him in His way.

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