Kingdom Focused Praying

Matthew 6:10

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

The first petition in the Lord’s prayer deals with the glory of God, where the second petition deals with the means through which His glory will be manifested. Remember, the glory of God is always the issue. To pray, “Your kingdom come,” is to pray for Christ to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. It is to pray for His rule and reign.

The Kingdom of God is Internal

In one sense the kingdom has already come (past). It came when the Lord Jesus physically walked on this earth. In another sense, the kingdom of God is also here (present) at this moment in the hearts and lives of all who submit to Him, in all who believe in Him. The Kingdom of God is present in the Church, in the hearts of all those who are truly Christians. But there is a day coming when His kingdom in its fullness will be established here on earth (future).

Thus, since the kingdom of God is here now reigning in the hearts of believers, then we must pray for the kingdom of God and for Christ to come and reign in the hearts of people. This includes your own heart.

We should pray for HIs throne to be established in our hearts. His Word to be administered in our lives and His name be magnified by our walk. When Christ reigns, God is glorified, and Satan’s plans are frustrated.

The Kingdom of God is External/

Thus, we must pray for the success of the gospel. Pray for its sway and power to reign over the nations.

We should pray to this extent: “Let the gospel be preached and let the power of the Spirit attend it; Let the church be strengthened. Let the cause of Christ advance among the nations and the cause of Satan be destroyed.”

The Kingdom of God is Eternal/

Thus, we must pray for the second coming of our Lord. This will be a day when Christ physically reigns over evil and rebellion here on earth. HIs physical reign will usher in the eternal state (new heaven and new earth).

We should pray to this extent, “let the day come quickly when Satan and his hosts will be completely destroyed when thy people will be done with sinning, and Christ shall be vindicated above His enemies.


To pray for God’s kingdom to come is to pray for Satan’s kingdom to fall. The Christian’s desire to see Christ’s kingdom fully manifest and the evil of this present age to be brought to an end should manifest itself in his or her prayers. Are you praying for God’s kingdom to come? Is it your hearts desire to see Satan lose his claim on this world? Commit this day to pray for these things, and thus following the command of our Lord and Savior and aligning your will with His.

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