Lord or lord?

Is Jesus your Lord? If you are a Christian, then you might say, “Of course He is. Jesus is my lord and savior because He died on the cross to forgive me of my sins, and I have accepted that forgiveness. Because I am forgiven, I will get to go to heaven when I die.” Yes, while that is true, I asked if Jesus is your Lord (capital L) not your lord (lower case l).

I’m afraid American Christians have made Jesus into a lord with a lower case l. What do I mean by that? I mean that we make Jesus the lord of our life like our bosses are the lords of our work lives. They have authority over our lives within the allotted amount of time we give them, and so long as we receive compensation. No sane person has gone into work and taken orders from a boss without being compensated in some way (interns get college credit or the promise of a future job). Unfortunately, many Christians have made Jesus into a similar kind of lord, a lord that only has authority so many hours a week, and when there is the promise of some kind of payout. We often come to Jesus with our pseudo loyalty in one hand, and a wanting palm in the other. We make Jesus the lord of our life, not the Lord of our life.

But Jesus is not lord. Jesus is Lord. In fact, he is LORD (more on that later). Jesus is ruler of the nations. He is the King of Kings. He has total and complete authority over all things for all of time. Does He have that kind of authority in your life? Do you really want to mess around with making the the Lord of Lords into a lower-case-l lord? What audacity it would take to tell the ruler of the universe, “you can have authority over my life for a select amount of time, and when I perceive it to be of benefit to me.” But we are all guilty of it. We are guilty of it when we persist in our sin. We are guilty of it when we fail to heed His commands in scripture. We are guilty of it when we fail to even know His commands in scripture.

How can Jesus, a Jewish carpenter from 2000 years ago be Lord? Well, it is because He is also LORD. The name LORD is used in the Old Testament as a stand-in for the covenant name that God revealed to Moses; Yahweh. The name means “I am, that I am.” It is also in the perfect tense, so it could be translated, “I was, that I was” or “I will be, that I will be.” It is a name that comes as close as possible in human language to describe the essence of God, though I’m afraid it also comes infinitely short. Jesus is Lord because He is LORD. He is the great “I am”. In Mark 14, at Jesus’ phony trial He was asked by the high priest, “are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?” (Verse 61). Jesus responded, “I am (sound familiar?), and you will see that Son of Man seated at the right hand of power and coming with the clouds of heaven” (Verse 62). Three days later he overcame death to testify that everything He claimed to be was in fact true. Jesus is LORD.

So let me ask you again, is Jesus your Lord? He better be, because He is LORD.

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