One Passion

I just returned home from a mission trip to India; it was an extraordinary endeavor! Our team walked through villages sharing the good news of the gospel with anyone who was willing to hear. God's gracious Spirit guided the way, and we saw several trust in Christ for their salvation. I am blessed to pastor a church that burns with fervor for missions. The congregation of Edmond's First Baptist Church is supportive prayerfully, financially, and physically. However, I have pastored churches previously where I have heard people grumble under their breath "why go overseas to share the gospel when there is so much work to be done here." Perhaps, you have thought the same way yourself. I believe the following story will help explain the need for global missions.

Far up the Amazon River, a Baptist missionary was using a flannel-graph to aid him in telling a group of school children about Jesus. As he talked, an elderly man with stooped shoulders and gray hair joined the children. He listened with attention as the missionary told of the story of God's grace as it is revealed in Christ. After the children were dismissed, the old man came up to the missionary with this question: "May I ask, sir, if this interesting and intriguing story is true?" "Of course," the missionary said, "it is in the Word of God." With countenance and voice revealing his doubt, the old gentleman said, "This is the first time in my life that I have heard that one must give his life to Jesus to have forgiveness of sin and to have life with God forever." Then with a note of finality he concluded, "This story cannot be true or else someone would have come before now to tell it. I am an old man. My parents lived their lives and died without ever having heard this message. It cannot be true, or someone would have come sooner." Although he tried hard, the missionary could not convince the old gentleman of this truth from God's Word. Turning to make his way back into the darkness of the jungle and the darkness of sin, he kept repeating the words, "it cannot be true; it cannot be true, or someone would have come sooner."

The supreme ambition for every church and every individual Christian should be to bring somebody to Christ. The supreme method for winning the world to Christ is personal evangelism, the bringing of people to Christ one by one. When you turn to the Bible, it is clear that God expects every true believe He has to go out and see if he or she can win others to Christ. The early church went out and in one short generation shook the Roman empire to its very foundation, and they did this through the method of personal evangelism. The men and women who loved Christ went out everywhere and taught of Him.

Every Christian, no matter their situation, can aid in bringing others to Christ. For example, everyone can pray for the lost by name to be saved. Everyone can give that others may go. There are many worthy pursuits in life. There are many desires to which we may rightly cling, but there is only one passion for those who have truly been saved, the salvation of others. We must GO that all may hear. Don't be a hindrance to missions/evangelism, but be determine to be an asset.

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