Praying Biblically – Our Daily Bread

Matthew 6:11

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

Prayer is so important to the life of the believer that Satan and your own flesh will try and do whatever they can to keep you from praying. He will provide excuses: too busy to pray; I can’t pray well; ministry involvement is more important than prayer; I can’t pray because of former sin; interruptions and distractions. Nevertheless, we must pray. We are to be dependent upon God and content with the necessities of His provision.

What We Learn About God

  1. God cares compassionately!

The flow of this verse reveals the compassionate nature of the Heavenly Father. He cares about the most intimate details of our lives. God who is Creator and Sustainer, the God who is forming His eternal kingdom and who will usher it in at the end, the God to whom the nations are as grains of sand, this is the God who cares about our daily provision.

  1. God engages eagerly!

He wants and desires to hear from us and speak with us daily. He eagerly engages this who come to Him in humility. This surely is a great truth, the God heaven who is perfectly independent want us and invites us to come to Him.

  1. God interacts intimately!

He wants to hear our concerns, our fears, and our joys. The God who made the heavens and the earth who spoke the world into existence.

  1. God supplies sufficiently!

He could have given everything all at once instead of distributing it daily, but He knows we would forget about Him as the giver and become infatuated with he gift. He wants us to remember Him.

What We Learn About Ourselves

  1. We are to be dependent daily!

We are to come to Him daily with the understanding that apart from His daily provision we would have nothing. If God willed it so, we should have no daily bread. He could withhold the sun and its influence; He could stop the rain; He could make our land absolutely barren so that the farmer with all his modern implements and chemicals could not raise a crop. We are absolutely in the hand of God. We cannot live a day without Him.

  1. We are to be content continually!

Our contentment and joy are to be found in the supply of our daily necessities. We are to ask for that which is sufficient, or that which is necessary. We are not to pray for the luxuries or superabundance, nor are we promised such things. We are, however, promised that we will have enough.

  1. We are to be serving sacrificially!

The abundance that we receive is to be used for His glory by serving others. Thus, we are blessed in order to be a blessing.

  1. We are to be interceding intensely!

Not only are we to pray for “our daily bread,” we are to pray on behalf of others to receiver their “daily bread.” Pray for others to be dependent, content, serving, and interceding.


Do your prayers reflect this dependence upon God? Are you praying for daily bread or for luxuries? Maybe you are misusing your blessings. Commit now to praying for your provision the way Jesus has commanded us to.

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