What Kind of Servant Are You?

Mark 2

Early in my ministry, there were times when my service to the Lord was like a garden hose in my hand. I was in control, dictating how, when, and to whom I would serve. With my nifty sprayer, I could even stop water altogether when I felt like it. The "flow" of Christ's love that I gave to others depended on my mood, the health of my ministry, and even how much sleep I got the night before. Mine was (and still can be) a self-centered, self-gratifying service.

Our goal is to serve like Jesus. With amazing speed, the news spread that a miracle-working Teacher (little did they realize He was much more) had come to Capernaum; and wherever He went, great crowds gathered. They wanted Him to heal the sick and cast out demons. Had they been interested in His message of the gospel these multitudes would have been an encouragement to Jesus; but He knew that most of them were shallow in their thinking and blind to their own need. In spite of their selfish hearts, Jesus was available to them. He was faithful to meet their needs. Jesus was also very patient with them. We too can learn to serve like Jesus by being available for others; meeting the needs of others; and by patiently helping others.

What type of hose do you want your life to be, a common garden hose that you can control or a soaker hose that disperses living water all day? A soaker hose has dozens of small holes designed to let the water slowly trickle, bringing life-giving resources to the vegetation. To be a soaker hose means to pour out Christ's love from every pore of your being, not being concerned about your own preconceived ideas or if it fits your schedule. If God has "turned on the water" in your life, filling you with His life-spring, why would you hold it back from anyone?

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