Bite-Sized Theology

Systematic Theology can be daunting. Often times the lay person, who desires to serve the Lord, feels he or she is not well enough educated to confidently discuss topics such as the atonement, ecclesiology, or eschatology.

The Engaging The Mind Podcast seeks to  simplify some of the academic rigor of Systematic Theology. Look for new episodes every week.

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Devotional Engagement

Some things are best communicated in written form. The Journal covers topics that may not be suited for the Podcast. Entries are devotional in nature and cover anything from theology to apologetics to cultural engagement.

The Engaging The Mind Journal seeks to offer a catalogue of articles which cover a broad swath of Christian life. Look for new articles every week.

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Intriguing Discussion

There is something timeless about good conversation over good coffee. Sometimes you just need to discuss something in order to fully understand it. Even hearing someone discuss something can lead to greater understanding.

The Engaging The Mind Conversation is a video series that seeks to answer questions by looking in on a discussion between believers. You can learn what the Bible says about some of the more challenging topics in the faith.

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Meet Dr. Blake Gideon

Dr. Blake Gideon serves as a senior pastor for First Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is passionate about the Gospel and finds his greatest joy in seeing the lost become saved and for the saved to live out their new identity in Christ. Blake and his wife Kelly have four children.

Blake graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2005 with his Undergraduate Degree in Theology. Later, in 2008, he graduated from Southwestern Seminary with his Master's Degree in Religious Education and has also completed his Master's Degree in Divinity. He completed his D.Min at New Orleans Theological Seminary in 2015.

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